'C Programming' Study Questions


  1. Part 1: Overview
  2. Part 2: Variables
  3. Part 3: I/O and Operators
  4. Part 4: Arrays, Strings, and Structs
  5. Part 5: Functions and Control Flow
  6. Part 6: C Compilation
  7. Part 7: Pointers I
  8. Part 8: Pointers II
  9. Part 9: Memory Layout, Stack and Heap

Running Code

You may find it helpful to compile and run code yourself. This can be done by:

  • Running on the board (You can modify your lab1 program, or copy your lab1 folder to another directory and use that)
  • Compiling and running in Linux (we have provided a playground directory where you can modify main.c, run make to compile, and then run using ./main.)
  • Manually compile a file using gcc: gcc myFile.c, and then run the produced executable: ./a.out