C Programming Part 1: Intro


  • Introduction to C

Class Slides


Study Questions

  • What are preprocessor directives?
  • What does the #include preprocessor directive do?
  • When you use #include <stdio.h>, what do the angled brackets indicate?
  • What function is the starting point for all C programs?
  • What is the “console”?
  • What is the name of the default executable file produced when you compile using gcc. How do you change the name?

  • What is a code block?
  • How are statements ended?
  • What is scope? What is global scope? What is local scope?
  • When inside a new scope, can you declare a variable of the same name as a parent scope?
  • Can you have executable code outside of a function?
  • What is the “C Standard Library”?

  • What are the two kinds of comments in C?