System Platform

Zybo Board


Address Map

The base addresses

You find the base address for the GPIO IP block by looking it up in the xparameters.h file. This file can be found at zybo/xil_arm_toolchain/bsp/ps7_cortexa9_0/include/xparameters.h.

Programming Stack

We often refer to stacks when we talk about computing systems. A stack is a conceptual term that refers to multiple layers of software stacked one upon the other. See [Programming Stack] for more information on how this terminology applies to this lab.

Applications on embedded systems are developed in layers like a cake. We commonly refer to this as the program stack. Layers are used to hide detail and to make a project more manageable and maintainable. The device layer typically consists of board-level physical components such as switches, LEDs, USB ports, HDMI in and out ports, etc. For FPGA-based systems like ZYNQ, hardware that communicates with these devices is often placed in the FPGA fabric (the instructors have already done that for this class). Low-level driver software hides low-level details from the top layer, the application.

Embedded programming stack