ECEn 427 Coding Standard

(We use the same coding standard as ECEN 330)

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ECEN 330 Coding Standard

Grading Source Code

The TAs will apply the following method when evaluating your source code. The goal is to get you in the habit of writing, readable, reusable, high-quality code. As such the TAs will be quite strict when grading your code.

  • In general, the coding standard counts toward 30% of your lab grade (some labs don’t apply).
  • Each lab has a set number of maximum points that represents how many infractions can be made before you earn 0% on the coding standard portion.
  • You will lose a point for each infraction, not just each type of infraction; however, the maximum number of points you can lose for each type of infraction is 5. For example, if your code has 8 magic numbers, you will lose 5 points.
  • For example, in Lab 2, if you lose 5 points, you will receive a coding standard score of 5/10, and thus 15%/30% on the coding standard portion of the lab.
Lab Points Notes on Lab
Lab2 10 30% of lab grade
Lab3 30 30% of lab grade
Lab4 15 30% of lab grade
Lab6 10 30% of lab grade